Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Conservatives Jump The Shark

I've been reluctant to delve into politics in this blog, having done so in previous incarnations with little ear from the left and vague threats from the right. However, at this moment, I cannot help but think that those with even the vaguest remnant of conservative tailbone will be appalled at the right's aggression toward Obama's classroom address.

After all, the litmus test for this is simple. If you have a conservative friend, or are a conservative, that pulled a child from class to save him/her from indoctrination into Obama's socialist agenda, the question is:

Is the child still enrolled in public schools?

Because if you believe the president can brainwash your child in half an hour then, aside from an incredible lack of confidence in your child's intelligence, you've been watching entirely too much Fox. And if you persist in that belief, then why haven't you pulled your child from public ed altogether?

I would not be afraid of a speech. I would be afraid of a president who has empowered his Secretary of Education with a treasury unequaled in the history of the position. Sweeping reforms are in the pipeline. Why is your child still in school the day after, "conservatives"?

Please do us all a favor. Remove your children from schools, not for a day, but for good. With so much propaganda in their homes, education cannot help them--isn't that the same knock you've placed, and are still placing, against the poorest segments of our population for years? Can you practice what you preach? Or is it all style (speech) vs. substance (reform)?

And you have the money to move, unlike so many of those you've railed against in the past. Put it where your piehole is. No teacher should be burdened with the responsibility of trying to reverse the effects of your flat-earth, anti-evolution, dead-weight home-schooling. Adopt the Bible as your textbook, embrace intelligent design as your religion, and watch the rest of the world leave you behind.

When you are standing back there, sowing gapeseed, maybe you'll remember how you belittled the very people that were once in your position. I doubt it. Your education does not extend even as far back as to encompass Saint Ronnie "Ketchup-Is-A-Vegetable" Reagan's speech to schoolchildren.

That's actually sad. Why? Because you can't practice evolution if you don't believe in it. It's just you sitting atop a pile of disgruntled turtles you believe will always be there to support you, and all the while it is moving out from beneath you, albeit slowly.

How's that social Darwinism working for you now?

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